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Our intentions are simple: to bring all natural, plant-based medicines from the ancient Traditional Eastern Medicine methods to the West. 

Ancient Eastern health practitioners have successfully used natural medicinal blends of herbs and roots to ensure all body systems remain in balance.  Their safe, natural and non-toxic medicines have been used for centuries to treat ailments including low energy and focus, high blood sugar, anxiety, depression and low immunity.  Inspired by this alternative approach to health, Americans are increasingly using Traditional Eastern medicines to help balance and align their body systems.

Traditional Intents ensures that product blends are carefully formulated to optimize wellbeing. We set out to find the highest quality ingredients to make natural, herbal blends and single-ingredient products that are properly dosed so that people experience the full benefits of time tested herb, roots, fungi and adaptogens.

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Promotes cognitive function, increases energy, improves focus.

Lions Mane:

Native to North America, Europe and Asia, it can be identified by its long spines, occurrence on hardwoods, and tendency to grow a single clump of dangling spines. The fruit bodies can be harvested and used as food.

Can help manage stress, boost mood and reduce fatigue, immunity booster and anti-inflammatory


Reishi has been called the mushroom of immortality; in Chinese this mushroom is known as Ling Zhi. Native to Europe, Asia and North America

Improves athletic performance, helps combat muscle fatigue, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.


Cordyceps sinensis are so highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine and grows wild in the Himalayan foothills of Tibet and Bhutan. Due to the unique nature of its development, the Chinese named it “winter worm summer grass.”